About Us

Welcome to Octro Poker! The best real money poker app which will make you change the way you play the game. Our priority is to give you the fairest and the most authentic poker experience. We use a Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm that makes sure that our game is fair to all players. For those who want to familiarise themselves with our poker rules, or merely want to revise their poker knowledge, our poker tutorials will provide all the theoretical understanding of poker terms, betting structures, and strategies which you can go through before you decide to play your first game.

Our poker app towers above other platforms with its smooth gameplay, non-stop action, and the biggest cash rewards you can get for your poker skills! Our dedicated customer support team will make sure all your doubts, queries, and grievances are addressed promptly.

Octro Poker’s immersive 3D interface will make sure you are completely engaged in a variety of poker tournaments. Our smooth gameplay guarantees that you compete with players all around the country as if they were sitting right in front of you! You can customise your 3D character to your liking and see your tailor-made avatar come to life on the poker table. Make an informed decision on every bet by reading your opponent’s stats. Octro Poker provides comprehensive details like a player’s win percentage, raise frequency, fold frequency, stage wise fold breakup, etc. for all players so, you can play your best bet in every poker card game.

There are plenty of poker tournaments everyday where you can test your skills and win massive cash rewards. Playing poker on our app is completely safe and secure so you can play the game without any worries and focus on the one thing that really matters, the game.

So, put on your poker face, download Octro Poker on your Android and iOS devices, & play and win lots of cash!